Anonymous asked: Do you seriously thing blurred lines isn't about rape I mean seriously it keeps on repeating the phrase "I'm suck of the blurred lines" and says "I know you want it" and did you even see the music video?


Yes I have heard the song and seen the video. Newsflash. The video was his wife’s idea and was directed by a woman. To the lyrics:

"That man is not your maker"
Obviously this implies that she has a boyfriend and if she sleeps with Robin she would be cheating on her boyfriend, which is FROWNED UPON in all societies, including America. However, he tells her that she can do what she wants and that he has no control over her.

"You’re far from plastic" 
I often hear feminists say that this song objectifies women and reduces them to sex objects. With this line in the song, he does the very opposite. He acknowledges that she is a human, not an object, not plastic, she is herself, she has no mold, she is unique. 

"I hate these blurred lines"
You cant pretend that this is one of the only lines in this song. This line is in the chorus along with “That man is not your maker” and “you’re far from plastic.” When you take into account what “that man is not your maker” means, you find out that Robin isn’t referring to the “blurred lines” of consent but the blurred lines of what is acceptable in society. And cheating on people is NOT acceptable.

"I feel so lucky you wanna hug me"
She wants it. she wants to hug him.

"The way you grab me"
She is grabbing him. She is initiating sex, she is the one starting the whole sex. She is being dominant. She is the one in control starting sex.

"Come on, get at me"
Here he is telling her to start it. He is telling her, “Hey I’m gonna let you start when you are ready to start.”

"There is one thing I ask of you, let me be the one you pass that ass too"
Here in the song is where you can see that permission is clearly being asked. “I ask of you”. That is asking permission to have sex with her. 

"Talk about getting blasted"
When you get blasted you smoke weed. And smoking weed is not a date rape drug. It does not impair your judgment on the level of alcohol. Sometimes, in fact, it can help some people make better decisions. All in all, weed is not a date rape drug. 

"I know you want it"
This is the line most people have a problem with. Because rapists say this while they rape you. That is not the only thing they say. Rapists say “I love you” so any song that says “I love you” is about rape? You can say “But thats not that common for rapists to say!” and I would agree. But do you know what rapists do say often? You know it, I know it, and everyone knows it. They say things like “Don’t worry!” and “Everything is gonna be alright.” You know what highly popular song says those two things over and over? Its a song called “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley. He is commonly known for smoking weed which you seem to think is a date rape drug. Is “Three Little Birds” a song that is actually about rape? Should it be banned? No? Why? Exactly. Because you saw that I read too much into it which is what feminists did with Blurred Lines. If a black man sung the song, or a woman, or a gay man then no one would have said it was about rape. 


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so #mygirlfriendnotallowedto is currently trending right now, which we all know is incredibly stupid, but here are some gems

this is controlling, possessive, and not funny at all.

yes, i’m sure the guy who doesn’t want his girlfriend to breathe is very serious about it

these are fucking gold

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